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Greetings and welcome to this site! My name is Deirdre McKay, and you may know me as Didi. I wear the creative hats of artist, writer and museum educator, among other costumes. I hope you enjoy this site and the creations, moods, colors and thoughts you find here. Have fun exploring!

Art by Didi:

Many of the original pieces on this site are for sale. Feel free to cruise around the links and pictures here. I find it freeing to create art as an extension of unexplainable feelings, experiences, expressions and ideas. My works are open to interpretation and appreciation. I hope you enjoy contemplating what you see and find the words and images to be gateways to renewal, inspiration, calm or energy!

I have worked as a portrait artist and also enjoy collage and abstract works. I enjoy the grounding presence of symmetry in my compositions. I also like to work with colors, essences of nature, and spiritual and religious iconography.

Writing by Didi:

The written articles here are some samples of my published works. I find satisfaction in writing personal profile pieces on creative and accomplished people. It has been a pleasure meeting and learning about new people, their drives, mottos and inspirations. I find that our early influences, accompanied by learned and disciplined integration of values, can continue to manifest inspired and motivated lives.